In 1934, Abbé Amédée Lemozi, the parish priest of Cabrerets, a very well-informed archaeologist and prehistorian, founded a prehistory museum starting with his own personal collections.

Installed in a village house in Cabrerets, he is indicating a large room adapted as a museum.

This museum developed thanks to the help of two patrons : Jean Lebaudy and Mademoiselle de Gouvion Saint-Cyr.

The museum was set up in the Château Gontaud-Biron, the property of Jean Lebaudy. In 1964, Jean Lebaudy sold the château and gifted the Prehistory Museum collections to the commune of Cabrerets. The commune undertook to construct a building in which to exhibit these collections to the public.

In 1981, the new museum, built on the Pech Merle site a few dozen metres from the cave, opened.

It was named : the Amédée Lemozi Museum.