Here are a few other suggestions for pursuing your exploration of the area’s caves and prehistoric sites further.

Caves and prehistoric places

  • The Cougnac Caves

    The painted cavern, listed as a Historic Monument in 1954, exhibits different traces left by our ancestors from the Upper Palaeolithic era. The figures and signs were executed towards the far end of the cavern.

  • La Maison du Piage

    Discover an excavation site at the foot of a cliff and go to the House of Piage to understand the linkages between Neanderthal tribes and those of Cro Magnon!

  • La Grotte de Foissac

    Exceptional mineralogy, prehistoric developments and archaeological objects have been perfectly preserved here in the context of their discovery.

  • Neanderthal man's Museum

    Museum of the Neanderthal period from the burial of a Neanderthal man discovered in 1908 in La Chapelle-aux-Saints. On site : activities for adults and childrens, coffee prehistory and scientific conferences.

Palaeontology and Geology

  • Les phosphatières du Cloup d'Aural

    The Cloup d’Aural phosphate workings, exploited in the 19th C., where animal fossils dating from 55 to 18 million years before our era.

    Now, they form a group of caves open to the sky containing very unusual flora with a tropical ambiance.

  • La Plage aux ptérosaures

    Discover tracks of footprints dating back 150 million years to the extraordinary details. The site is presented with an original and dynamic approach to paleontology.

Other caves and cavities

  • Grotte de Lacave

    Access to the heart of the cave is through a small train that runs through several rooms. The tour continues on foot through the hall of the Great Dome and the great hall of wonders where the effects of black light makes the living concretions phosphorescent.

  • Grotte de Presque

    This natural cavity offers uninterrupted series of concretions of all shapes and colors enhanced by appropriate lighting.

  • Grotte des Merveilles

    Geological and prehistoric cave lined with a multitude of crystalline concretions and decorated with paintings dating back over 20,000 years: hands, horses, deer, cat…

  • Le gouffre de Padirac

    It’s a monumental cavity with an aperture of 35 meters in diameter that plunges into the rock. At the bottom, 103 meters underground, flows a river that flows into a network of more than 40 km galleries !

Other links

  • Prehistory in the South West

    Current research in prehistoric archaeological, publications and outputs.

  • Les Paléonautes

    The Paléonautes network brings together 8 prehistoric sites and paleontologic sites publicly available Quercy, discover family. Visits, events, demonstrations, conferences …

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