Pech Merle Cave

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The Pech Merle Cave Virtual tour

The Pech Merle Cave

Come and see authentic prehistoric paintings which are over 20,000 years old ! Exceptional works of art are conserved on the walls of the Pech Merle cave. Hundreds of representations adorn the cave : mammoths, bison, horses, aurochs… These figures are in their original natural setting : a breathtaking site with a fascinating geological history.

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The Prehistory Museum

The Prehistory Museum

A visit to the museum is an indispensable complement to a visit of the cave providing more information about the Pech Merle paintings, the main representations in other painted caves in Quercy closed to the public, and 350,000 years of regional prehistory.

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  • La découverte des peintures du Pech Merle en BD

    La découverte des peintures du Pech Merle en BD

    Les Chevaux du Pech Merle : de l’idée à l’album En juin 2019 est paru l’histoire de la découverte de la...

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  • Exposition temporaire : Les mondes disparus

    Exposition temporaire : Les mondes disparus

    Évocation de l’histoire du Quercy à travers 4 étapes majeures depuis 200 millions d’années. Le musée de...

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Location of the Pech Merle cave in Cabrerets (Lot)


The Pech Merle cave is located in the commune of Cabrerets, in the Lot département, in the south west of France

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